Water: Expectations, advice and tips

The truth is, it is very difficult to make any electronic device completely water resistant/proof. There are usually always parts that are exposed that will have negative effects overtime. Currently, we do not rate any of our boards to be water resistant or water proof, though we do endeavour to make improvements to our boards regarding water resistance with each production cycle.

Water damage is not covered under our warranty terms, so we have provided some advice and tips on what to expect or how to avoid wet situations:

What to expect:
First and foremost we do not recommend riding in the rain or on wet surfaces at any stage, it is very dangerous. This section will help to understand what you can expect if the board is ridden in wet environments. This is not a comprehensive list only a basic summary. 

  • Riding on wet surfaces, can cause the board to loose traction in places where you would normally be OK.
  • Water can obscure debris on the riding surface, which can cause additional damage to the board or cause an accident.
  • Exercise extreme caution and wear all appropriate safety if riding in the wet.
  • Rust! 
  • If water is to enter the electronics compartment it can cause erratic behaviour of the motors and complete failure of the internal components. 
  • Electronic safety systems can trigger at unexpected times preventing the operation of the board until resolved. 
  • Water exposure to the wheels bearings can cause an increased volume, rolling resistance and complete failure.
  • The wheel skins of the motors can weaken causing them to wear at a higher rate than normal.
  • Component failure can be tricky to predict. You may have exposed the motors to water one day, though another part fails. This can be confusing. Water can effect the entire electrical system even if only one part is effected. 
  • Budget appropriately. Regular use in wet environments will require replacing parts at some stage. Whether it be a battery, ESC, motor or bearings. Learning how to replace various parts on the board is a great way to save in the long run (our support team can help with this).
Closing Tip when riding the wet: Be lucky! Some people may not believe in luck, though we have seen some absolute horror boards that have been exposed to the depths of wet marsh and have come out of a clean still working, only having loud bearings. Unfortunately we have seen other cases of small amounts of water exposure hitting key components and causing a major failure on their first tussle with water. Luck may or may not have anything to do with it, though, expect the unexpected. 

    Tips to avoid:

    • Check the weather forecast and your closest weather radar before a ride. Weather can be fickle, checking the radar/forecast will give you a good idea of if there is any rain coming and what to expect during the ride. 
    • Seek shelter immediately if it begins to rain. If you get caught out, dry wipe the water off the board. Dab dry the deck and grip tape. If you think water may have gotten into the compartment, contact our support team.
    • Avoid going out straight after rain. The riding surface is still likely to have a significant amount of water present and you would be surprised how much water can be kicked up off the riding surface and onto the boards compartment.
    • Avoid riding over water that is on the riding surface, such as running water from a car wash or sprinklers.

    All in all, it is up to you if you use the board in a wet environment, though it is important to understand and accept the responsibilities and consequences of that action.

    For example: If your intention is to ride the board as commuting device in wet weather (not recommended), budget for replacement parts and order them before you need them to prevent any down time. Learning how to replace the parts yourself (ask our support staff) when needed, can be a good cost saver.

    Alternatively, If you have just received news that your warranty is no longer valid due to water incursion, try to be understanding of the situation, whether it be caused accidentally or not. We know that receiving bad news can be difficult, we are here to help however we can. As a family run business we value our customers and your support. 

    Thanks for reading. 

    - Black Hawk Team